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Be the CEO of Your Life

Dec 5, 2022

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you do, it’s never quite enough? Do you keep moving the bar up for when it is that you will finally be happy, successful, satisfied??


Do you grow your list of things to do and your self-expectations in an attempt to quiet the inner voice that keeps whispering…”what else can you do?, what else do you need? What else can you achieve?


You might be operating from a place of not enough. That may feel normal to you but it isn’t and it is the reason you feel tired a lot of the time. it is draining you.


Tune into this episode “the power of one” to gain a new perspective on the things you currently dismiss because they may not appear as “good enough” or “efficient enough” but that could hold so much power to your own inner emotional and mental health. 


Three takeaways:


  • Understand the core reason you may over shop, over do, over help, over do it all.
  • Learn to feel empowered even if you can only take one step at a time.
  • How to detach from the belief of not being enough?




“If I had believed that one was not enough, I would have never met my son” let that sink in. Olga Lacroix.

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