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Be the CEO of Your Life

Apr 17, 2023

This episode is a mix of a few thingsā€¦ all writing related. IT IS A MUST listen. Author, coach and writer expert, Jacqueline Fisch tells us how she started her own journey as a copywriter and how that has led her to the writing of two books, and to becoming the founder of the Intuitive Writing School. 


If you want...

Apr 10, 2023

We all want to succeed, but many of us go about it the wrong way. We tend to over-do, people-please and totally ignore ourselves. The results? Success BUT with burnout.


How long can you sustain success if you burn out?


In this episode, I interviewed a wonderful coach who learned a lot from her own experience of...

Apr 3, 2023

Attention high performers! This episode is for you! 


If you have been caught up in the world of over-doing, over-performing and are feeling a little exhausted, it is time to do something about it. Imagine instead of running yourself to the ground to succeed, you learn the tools to ignite your extraordinariness?