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Be the CEO of Your Life

Dec 18, 2023

Today's episode is an invitation to interrupt negativity, a critical skill that will allow you to change your thought patterns. With personal reflections and hands-on tips, we will explore practical ways to shift your mindset and enhance your daily life.


  1. Embrace Mindfulness and 'Think Again': Becoming an observer of your own thoughts is a key practice in mindfulness. Every life experience starts with a thought, and sometimes, we need to hit pause, reflect, and 'think again'. This mindful practice helps shift perspectives, enabling you to see life in vibrant colors, rather than shades of gray. Download my FREE Workbook to apply this skill to your own life.
  2. Physical Movement and Gratitude as Game Changers: Never underestimate the power of a simple walk or a gratitude list. Physical activity and acknowledging what you're thankful for can dramatically shift your mood and perspective. These are powerful tools to snap out of a funk and see the brighter side of life.
  3. The Magic of Social Connections: Remember, isolation can be a sneaky trap. Reaching out to friends, family, or a coach can provide fresh perspectives and lighten the load of negative thoughts. Hearing your own words can be incredibly enlightening and helps in breaking negative patterns.


For more in-depth strategies, check out the 'Think Again' workbook linked in the show notes, or book a free call with me. Here's to a thoughtful end to this year and a hopeful start to the next.

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