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Journey to Happy

Jan 4, 2021

Over the month of January, Olga will release episodes that come from her Reset your Mindset membership. This recordings are usually exclusive to the members of Reset but this month, Olga is gifting you with short snippets of different training she delivers within that private containment. 


Have you ever wondered why some things appear to be more difficult to accomplish than others? Have you ever felt like you have a mental block somewhere that stops you from reaching you potential and yet, you do not know what it is?


In this episode, Olga will walk you through what she thinks is the biggest obstacle when it comes to having a healthy mindset. Limiting beliefs are always present in our unconscious mind and if we do not put an end to them, they can really cripple our progress. 


Olga will cover what limiting beliefs are, where they come from and what to do about them.


If you find this type of mindset training interesting, you will love Olga's Reset you Mindset membership program. A community where you will not only receive monthly helpful trainings but also the opportunity to chat with Olga and other women while working together on day to day mindset shifts. You can join the membership any time for $97 a month.