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Be the CEO of Your Life

Feb 13, 2023

 If you have ever said that you are “not a techy woman” please listen to this episode. 


You will be pleasantly surprised to realize that you are in fact techy and that beginning to own this title and perception of you is not just helpful to you, but to all the women in our future generations to come.


Not long ago it was thought that women’s brains were smaller than men. We all know how much BS was in that thought. Nonetheless we believed it. Thinking that you are not techy is perpetuating a long history of not good enough that women have carried for years and it is time to put to rest.


Listen to my conversation with Tech expert, Nicole Trick


Bio for Nicole Trick Steinback:

Nicole Trick Steinbach is the international bravery coach for women in technology. A former tech exec, she has worked in over 25 countries and is at home in both the US and Germany. 

Nicole coaches women in tech all over the world to build their brave so that they stress less, work less, and earn more. Her podcast is Celebrate BRAVE.

Three takeaways:

  •  Discover how you are already techy
  •  Understand what this limiting belief is making you do and pass to future generations.
  •  Recommit to the perception of being techy.

Inspiration:“Whether you work on finances, production, schooling or social work, if you are turning a light switch on and off, if you are using a whiteboard, a phone and a computer, you are a woman in technology.”

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