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Be the CEO of Your Life

Dec 13, 2021

A lot of people are conscious about body image, and that includes one’s weight. And women in particular are more mindful of this. This holiday season, it is really a challenge to maintain a strict diet while food is just everywhere.

Jaime Morocco used to be uncomfortable in her own body. For the first 18 years of her life she was overweight, until she decided to do something about it. She took action, lost over 50 lbs. and NEVER looked back. 

In this episode, Jaime shares with us her knowledge and experience on how she maintained her weight while eating intuitively. Through using science, mindset, and energetics, losing weight is now more achievable. This coming Christmas, Jaime gives us wise advice and insight on how to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty over the food you eat.


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If you are a type A kind of woman who likes making things happen, but you're sick of being a people pleaser, if you wish you could say no, but can’t find the words to do it without worry and without creating conflict and guilt. If you expect so much of yourself that you beat yourself up to get the results that you want. I've got the program for you - Becoming The CEO Of Your Life. Click here to know more!