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Be the CEO of Your Life

Mar 27, 2023

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? 



Easier said than done, right?


One of the reasons I enjoy mindset coaching is because I get to teach others how to use their mindset powerfully and in their favor, no matter how many lemons life throws at them! In this episode, I am interviewing a coach who has lived with very difficult diagnoses and has beautifully used her mindset to help her heal.


Join me in an episode that will give you hope and tools to cope with difficult life events. 

Bio for Alison McLean:

The Wellness Entrepreneur’s Business Coach

Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist & Coach


For the last couple of decades I have helped hundreds of students overcome injury, pain and achieve their health goals. I had a successful and profitable physical therapy and wellness clinic while leading classes, workshops and yoga trainings.


Then I was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome a genetic mutation that puts me at high risk for several different types of cancer. Only a couple months later following my first cancer screen I was diagnosed with rectal cancer.


This caused me to reevaluate not only the sustainability of my own business, but the whole wellness industry.


I now have a passion to help other Wellness Entrepreneurs grow their businesses sustainably, with profit, while still caring for their own health and enjoying life in the process.


Company name: Ignite Ur Wellness Business


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