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Be the CEO of Your Life

Oct 3, 2022

What does it mean when we say something is “meant to be”?

In this episode we're going to talk about things that are meant to be, what it actually means, and how we can just accept whatever we're going through today, because maybe, it is going to land us exactly where we need to go, even if it is away from our original plans. 

There is no surprise that our mental health and our confidence is damaged on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, by the way in which we communicate with ourselves. That mean inner dialogue, the way we speak to ourselves can increase our confidence or completely decrease it. So if you begin to take note of how you think, and then you begin to give importance to how you think to that voice. And then you begin to talk to yourself, like you talk to somebody that you love with kindness, with understanding. There is no way your mental health will not thrive within a very friendly inner environment.

Listen to this episode to learn my favorite 4 steps to shift that inner dialogue.

Three take-aways from this episode:

  • Looking at hardships from a different perspective
  • How to be kind to yourself when dealing with a lot
  • Switching your mean inner voice for one of confidence.

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