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Journey to Happy

Oct 11, 2021

Kathleen Pagan was at the pinnacle of her success. She was a CFO, financially stable, and had all that she needed to live a comfortable life. But behind her success, she felt unfulfilled…

Until the loss of her father made her realize something important - To celebrate each day, and to find the happiness and fulfillment she had always longed for. Armoured with courage, she finally decided to quit her job to pursue what her heart desires.

In this episode, Kathleen takes us on a journey of courage and purpose. How she battled fear with mindset and action. And finally living the dream of Endlessly Elated.

Have you been doing everything by yourself and wind up doing too many things? And at the end of the day, there’s no more joy left in you. You hardly recognize yourself anymore. The good news is - I can help you! 

Becoming The CEO Of Your Life might just be the answer. Take control of your life, find your purpose, and find your happiness. Click here to know more about the program.


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