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Be the CEO of Your Life

Oct 5, 2020

This is a MUST listen episode. If you are tired of being on and off the diet wagon, if you have had a love and hate relationship with your body image and if you are constantly trying to figure out what is the new trend of clean eating, YOU MUST listen to this fun and educative talk between mindset coach, Olga Lacroix and Intuitive eating coach, Julie Ohlemacher.

Diet culture is a new subject to Olga as it also is intuitive eating, she uses this episode to share some of her newly acquired knowledge about the impact of diet culture and how she as a coach is changing her narrative to empower women to have healthier relationships with food and diet. 

Julie is a fun and energetic speaker who generously shared her knowledge with the Journey to Happy audience and gave some incredible tips that will leave you walking away with some wicked reflection and soul sourcing.

Girls, there is so much more than following a strict diet. There is so much more aside from this strict and unhealthy lifestyle the Diet Culture has made us fall for. Listen up and take inspired action, together we can bring change.

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