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Be the CEO of Your Life

May 27, 2024

Olga Lacroix discusses the negative consequences of unmet needs and the tendency to seek validation from unreliable sources. She shares personal experiences of seeking answers from a self-proclaimed witch, only to realize that the witch didn't have the answers. Lacroix defines what she means by 'being needy' and how it manifests in her life, including the need for reassurance, attention, and validation. She encourages listeners to examine their own neediness and how it impacts their relationships. Later, she discusses the importance of recognizing and healing inner child wounds to cultivate healthy relationships, and the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships while dealing with unhealthy dynamics.


Action Items

  • Do an audit of how you connect with people and meet your own needs, and identify any areas for growth
  • If you see yourself in described needy behaviors, get help from a coach or therapist to work through childhood issues and change dynamics. Olga Lacroix's services are available.