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Be the CEO of Your Life

Jan 18, 2021

Over the month of January, Olga will release episodes that come from her Reset your Mindset membership. These recordings are usually exclusive to the members of Reset but this month, Olga is gifting you with short snippets of different training she delivers within that private containment. 


We all know it, but not all of us do something about it. How often do you tell yourself that you are your worst enemy and yet, nothing gets done about it?


Most of us are responsible for our lack of progress because we tend to stand in the way of our own path. Why? because deep inside we fear success, so we become self-sabotagers of our happiness, love, health, and wealth.


In this episode, Olga will walk you through the steps you can take to recognize and act once you notice that you are self-sabotaging your life.


If you find this type of mindset training interesting, you will love Olga's Reset your Mindset membership program. A community where you will not only receive monthly helpful training but also the opportunity to chat with Olga and other women while working together on day to day mindset shifts. You can join the membership any time for $97 a month.