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Be the CEO of Your Life

Sep 11, 2023

Get ready to ignite your ambition! In this episode, I had a captivating conversation with leadership coach Niha Wunnava. We're delving into the art of taking risks – a game-changer for executive women, professional leaders, and anyone ready to embrace bold action.


Tune in as Niha shares insights, strategies, and real-world stories that will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and seize opportunities. This episode is your roadmap to unleashing your potential and reaping the rewards of calculated risks.

Bio for Niha Wunnava:

Niha Wunnava is a Leadership and Executive Coach for women of color and female leaders who want to create balanced, joyful success through bold, strategic action. She teaches modern, inclusive leadership skills so her clients rise through the ranks with ease and take their place alongside the most important decision-makers.


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