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Be the CEO of Your Life

Jul 17, 2023

Today it's a rebirth in many ways. And so my wish for you, is that you give yourself permission to feel healthy remorse and to feel toxic guilt. And to be self-aware of the difference and how those two things feel differently for you. And to choose from here own after you've done feeling it, so you still have to feel it. But then, you continue to choose to not go down the path of toxic guilt, because you deserve better. 


That's kind of like a rebirth of how you operate if guilt is been an emotion that you feel often. Lately, I've been coaching women who feel this often, which is why I'm so motivated to share it with you. 


I wanted to share with you a recent a part of a recent email that I've received that, quite honestly has brought me through through all the feelings, all these feelings, because it's one beautiful in nature with so much love towards me, but also because it highlights the impact that coaching has. And although I've been coaching for a long time, it never I never stopped being surprised by the reach of coaching into somebody's life.



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