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Be the CEO of Your Life

Aug 21, 2023

I am happy to be tuning in with you guys this week, I've got so much going on, in my own mind, and so many thoughts that I want to share with you guys, I've been taking lots of notes after my coaching sessions with my clients, just to see if I can find similar subjects of conversation, similar issues that my clients are struggling with. And two have struck me over the past few weeks.

The first one is the sense of feeling of being neglected. And it comes hand in hand with feeling overwhelmed, where you begin to feel like you've got really no energy left to give anything to anybody. And you're feeling so depleted, that you begin to feel neglected, and you begin to look for who is neglecting you. And often those tend to be the closest people to us, that we point the finger at. So that's one of the things that I want to talk about today how to fulfill your cup.

And then this other idea of finding the sweet spots in between spot in between being easygoing, but also high in high standards of, you know, living and work routine, and just boundaries and relationships. So like this duality that we might have some times in our mind where we're like, I'm either really easy going I'm really strict, and not really understanding, we're the in between eight, now I might be, I might be talking myself into two episodes.


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