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Be the CEO of Your Life

Nov 15, 2021

Four years ago, recently divorced Sara Roundpoint moved to a new city with her kids. And while in her quest to find herself, she found Olga.

From therapy to coaching, Sara has grown tremendously. She remained resilient all throughout her ex-husband’s tragic accident. And despite her fears, she was able to become strong for the sake of her children. Now, she has a promising career, a happy life with her kids, and a home to call their own.

In this episode, Sara shares her journey of self-discovery, being a single mom and resilience amidst life’s struggles. With the help of coaching and her commitment, Sara changed the course of her destiny. Together with her children, she triumphed over fear and dared to be enough.

I enjoy my fear, because it makes me look at my fear, and I surpass it. - Sara


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