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Journey to Happy

Jan 11, 2021

Over the month of January, Olga will release episodes that come from her Reset your Mindset membership. These recordings are usually exclusive to the members of Reset but this month, Olga is gifting you with short snippets of different training she delivers within that private containment. 


Ditching perfectionism is a life changer! If you are the kind of person who constantly procrastinates because you are seeking the perfect turn of events, this episode will help you unlock the perfectionist mindset that drives you away from your goals and from happiness. Instead, in this episode, you will hear concrete tips on how to let go of "perfect" to begin to enjoy fully the way you and your life are at this moment.


If you find this type of mindset training interesting, you will love Olga's Reset Your Mindset membership program. A community where you will not only receive monthly helpful training but also the opportunity to chat with Olga and other women while working together on day to day mindset shifts. You can join the membership any time for $97 a month.