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Be the CEO of Your Life

Aug 8, 2022

Why do we have such a hard time deciding to invest in ourselves?

I hired a new coach and I've got all these thoughts about what it felt like to make this investment. My mind had so many thoughts about why that was a scary move, and why I shouldn't invest that much money since it's very expensive. What if I didn't bring that money back? What if I failed at trying her strategic steps and tools? What if it didn't work for me? 

I came to the conclusion that ultimately the thoughts that I let get in the way of me making that investment was that I couldn't cope with the reality of having invested this much money in myself, on my self-growth and self-development in my business, and not make it work.

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My doors will be opening soon for the September cohort of my Reset Your Mindset group. I'm also going to be offering a Detox The Mind, five date live coaching in September, September 12. So if this is for you, if you are a perfectionist, attached to achievements, overdoing, constantly fed up with your own mind, wanting to get a break from thinking so much from feeling disappointed from being so hard on yourself. I want to coach you through that.