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Be the CEO of Your Life

Feb 19, 2024

Connection is one of the most important ingredients to any healthy marriage. We connect to our partners by turning to them often, having fun with them, by walking through the ups and downs, and by physically and emotionally letting them in.


A disruptor to bad relationship habits is investing in that connection. Research shows that for relationships to last a lifetime, there must be 20 positive interactions for every one negative one. In this episode, Olga interviews a relationship therapist and coach on the importance of breaking bad habits and how to. Listen in!


About our guest:


Diana Castillo-Eddy, a passionate relationship coach dedicated to empowering singles a
and couples in their pursuit of secure, connected, loving, and satisfying relationships.

With over 23 years of experience in the mental health field, Diana specializes in brain and
emotional development, attachment work, and intimate relationships. Her extensive background includes serving underprivileged families and children in community mental health agencys in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. For the past 13 years Diana has also been running a successful private practice, focusing on couples and individuals. Additionally, Diana serves as a mental health provider for one of the biggest consulting companies in the U.S.


Connect with Diana here: >> VALLEY FAMILY COUNSELING <<

Instagram: The Relationship Coach




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