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Be the CEO of Your Life

Dec 26, 2022


Making small decisions every day compound to big results later.


Before you make a decision ask yourself: What would it be the compound result of making this same small decision every day, for a full year?


When you think of decisions as singular acts that do not impact the future, you minimize their power, and this is how you end up with regrets.


Whether you suffer from decision paralysis or, you have a hard time creating new habits, I encourage you to listen to this short episode, as we start getting out minds ready for a full new year.


Start thinking of the results you would like to experience and the kind of decisions you would need to star making today, to get there.


For now, just decide on listening here!


3 Take aways:


  • Every decision you make matters.
  • Making the wrong decision doesn’t rob you from deciding again.
  • Small decisions can amount to big results without overwhelm. 




“Every habit starts with one decision. The same decision made several times over a long period of time, creates a habit.

You are a habit builder.” Olga


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