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Be the CEO of Your Life

Nov 9, 2020

Expectations are the cause of all dissapointment. If you think about the moments in your life when you feel disappointed, I bet you anything that you can link it to an unmet expectation. In this episode of the podcast, Olga will speak about how to change control driven and fear based expectations for loving intentions. Leading you through some great “aha” moments that will show you exactly the steps you need to take in order to shift expectations for intentions.


Living an intentional life is what Olga is all about and in this episode she generously gives you some of her best lessons from the many years she has spent coaching women on this subject. You will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to make some easy changes into how you go about life.


It is a must listen to!


Currently, Olga is accepting new clients into her private coaching program; Aligned