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Be the CEO of Your Life

Jun 19, 2023

In this inspiring episode, we're joined by Laura Marrast, a dedicated member of our transformational coaching program, "Be the CEO of Your Life." Laura has an incredible story to share about personal growth, change, and the powerful journey of getting out of her own way.

Laura openly shares her struggles, triumphs, and the aha moments that set her on a new path. She reveals how she overcame self-imposed obstacles and the pivotal role the coaching program played in her journey.

Listen as Laura recounts the transformations she experiencing through the program, her newfound strategies for overcoming challenges, and how she plans to apply her insights to be the CEO of her own life.

If you've ever felt stuck or hindered by your own fears or doubts, Laura's story will resonate, inspire, and provide practical insights. This is an episode packed with wisdom, courage, and powerful lessons about personal development and self-leadership.

Don't miss out on this compelling conversation - tune in now! Your journey to becoming the CEO of your own life could start today.


Bio for Laura Marrast:

I am a grateful mother, grandmother, sister, sister in law, aunt and friend.


The biggest gift of retirement and getting older has been reflecting on my life and taking action to seek a path forward filled with invaluable life coaching support.


My focus in this phase of my life is on self awareness, emotional growth, extending grace towards myself and others and most importantly, joy and lightness.


My only goal is to keep growing in all areas of my life by continuing to reframe my limiting beliefs, expressing myself through my art/design and nurturing precious relationships.




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