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Be the CEO of Your Life

Nov 22, 2021

Nancy Sullivan and her friends signed up for Olga’s coaching out of the intention of doing something fun together. But as Nancy went on, she discovered how coaching made a huge impact in her life.

Being a perfectionist, Nancy had high expectations, and oftentimes those expectations were not being met, especially by her husband. This has made her unhappy, negative and harbored feelings of resentment. But, as she continued to work on herself, Nancy began to realize that it was her who needed to change, and slowly her relationship with her husband got better.

In this episode, Nancy shares with us how coaching has helped her deal with perfectionism and ultimately cultivated her marriage. Her story is an example of how personal inner work can make a significant change not only in the person, but also to the people around. 

You're no longer waiting for others to take the step, make the first step, become the CEO of your life.


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Working on yourself can bring out the best version of you. And ‘Becoming The CEO Of Your Life’ might just be the program that can do that. Just like Nancy, you can make a huge impact not just on yourself, but also to others. Click here to know more about the program.