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Be the CEO of Your Life

Jun 7, 2021

Learning to cope with difficult people is key, as we're going to encounter many of those people at some point in our lives. In fact, I bet that you yourself have been a difficult person at some point in somebody's life, it's just nature. 

A very common suggestion is to cut difficult people out of your life, but I think that's not always realistic. You can't avoid everybody who you find difficult. What if that difficult person is a family member? What if it's a coworker? What if it's your boss? Are you going to forever and ever avoid seeing a relative or not going to work? 

Personally, I have never used avoidance as the solution to dealing with difficulty in my life ever, ever, ever, ever. I choose courage over avoidance for many reasons, but primarily because  I love how I feel about myself when I look back, and I think ‘that was hard, and I did it’. That feeling fuels me to do this again and again and again. 

In order to properly cope with a difficult person, we have to be ready to apply some self control and to employ our best resources to set limits and be authentic. So in this episode, I will give you some of my ideas as to how you can deal with difficult people in your life. It is possible! 

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