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Be the CEO of Your Life

Jul 31, 2023

Hey there, beautiful souls! If you're ready to feel lighter, empowered, and ready to tackle life's challenges head-on, this episode of "Emotional Weight Loss" is a must-listen!

Join me as we explore the incredible concept of Emotional Weight Loss – a journey that goes beyond numbers on a scale. We'll dive into...

Jul 24, 2023


 In this eye-opening episode, we'll dive into the power of perception and how our interpretations shape our reality. You'll gain valuable tools to break free from limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have held you back.

Thought journaling, reframing, and loving-kindness meditation are just a few of the...

Jul 17, 2023

Today it's a rebirth in many ways. And so my wish for you, is that you give yourself permission to feel healthy remorse and to feel toxic guilt. And to be self-aware of the difference and how those two things feel differently for you. And to choose from here own after you've done feeling it, so you still have to...

Jul 10, 2023

This episode is about maintaining focus and overcoming distractions

  • It addresses the struggle of lacking focus and feeling out of control with tasks
  • The episode discusses the possibility of ADHD and its impact on time perception and attention
  • Practical tips and strategies to enhance focus and productivity are shared
  • An...

Jul 3, 2023

Being the CEO of your own life requires actively cultivating real connections with others. By prioritizing genuine engagement and fostering deep connections, we strengthen our mental and emotional well-being. Join host Olga Lacroix  as we explore the ways in which being the CEO and nurturing real connections can empower...