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Be the CEO of Your Life

May 22, 2023

Are you worried about how much time your children are spending on screens? Is social media healthy for teens, and pre-teens?


With everyone having electronics everywhere, what can you do to make a mindful decision to use them less?


This episode is everything you want and need to know about how to properly have conversations with your partner and children about the use of technology, electronics and screens. Andrea Davis is the founder of Better Screen Time and in this episode she shared ideas that have been tested by many families on how to connect more with our kids and have healthy boundaries with their screens. IT IS A MUST LISTEN TO.


Bio for Andrea Davis:

Andrea Davis is a former secondary ed teacher turned screen-time-navigator. She is the founder of Better Screen Time where she shares family-tested ideas from the (tech) trenches as a mom of five. She is on a mission to help parents worry less about tech, and connect more with their kids. Andrea is the author of Creating a Tech-Healthy Family and is certified by the Digital Wellness Institute. Andrea and her husband, Tyler, live in beautiful Hood River, Oregon where they love spending time outdoors as a family.


Company name: Better Screen Time


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