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Be the CEO of Your Life

May 1, 2023

High achievers have many amazing skills. We jump into action, we do as much as needed to see the end result happening and we are willing to fail as many times as possible in order to make things happen. HOWEVER, we also tend to be very hard on ourselves and place unrealistically high expectations on ourselves.


We confuse high expectations with high standards.


In this episode, business coach Kat Arapis and Life coach Olga Lacroix talk about the tools they teach their clients to lower their not humanly possible expectations but, without sacrificing their quality of work and high standards.


Listen in, because there is a way to achieve without stress.

Kat Arapis Bio:

Kat is a Master Certified Coach and Business Strategist for coaches, experts and consultants who want to simplify + master what actually creates clients -- without pressure or busywork.


Her clients work less, make more and actually live + love their lives fully through the process of working together as they make 100k on repeat in their businesses.


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