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Be the CEO of Your Life

Sep 7, 2020

This is an infertility related episode.

In this episode, Olga interviewed Colette Fox, British author of IVF Got This, a book about her own journey through infertility and IVF treatments that left her with a blissful pregnancy of twins.

Colette shares with Olga the reality of infertility, faith and unknowns. Together they revisit parts of their trying to conceive journeys, the ups and downs and the difficulties that they both overcame to get to their children. This episode will not just give you hope, it will also make you feel normal! because both, Olga and Colette will relate their story to yours and in that process you will see how not alone you are in this infertility path.

Colette's book can by purchased on Amazon:

She can be found on Instagram @colettecentenofox

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