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Be the CEO of Your Life

May 8, 2023

Are you done measuring food, macros and cutting out all things that make your heart and belly smile?


Do you want to lose weight but not by restricting yourself with diets that you do consistently for a while but that are not sustainable?


Well friend, this episode is for you. Dr. Amruti Choudhry explains in detail her restriction free process to help you reclaim your body but not from a place of hate, restriction or diet culture. Nope, she guides professional women to connect with their body with intuition, science and a heck of a lot of love.


One of the steps she recommends is lower your insulin levels and log what food is doing for you (saving you from boredom, giving you a break from taking care of others, etc…). She guides the conversation in a fun and light way.


Listen in!

Bio for Dr. Amruti Choudhry:

Dr Amruti Choudhry is an Advanced Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach for women professionals and a Doctor/Physician in the UK. 


She helps women feel lighter in their minds and lives, so they can feel lighter in their bodies. 


Dr Choudhry is a multi award winning Life Coach, Public Speaker and is the Host of the successful podcast “Weight Loss for Women Professionals.” 


She lost 42kg (over 92 pounds) after decades of yo-yo dieting and helps her clients get to the root cause of their overeating by becoming aware of the thoughts. She teaches clients how to pay attention to their body’s natural signals to create sustainable weight loss that is fun, simple and doable.


She has a 1:1 and group coaching program

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