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Be the CEO of Your Life

Aug 16, 2021

Becoming a mother creates a huge change in our lives. Sometimes we’re just caught off guard, and at one point we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore...

This is exactly what happened to Erin Girouard. She went through postpartum anxiety with her first pregnancy and got pregnant during the global pandemic. In both events Erin lost herself to motherhood. Until one day she decided to take control, and that’s when she turned her life around back to the person she was.

Her story is every mom's story. In the beauty of motherhood, a lot of  times we find ourselves giving everything we have, just because that’s what moms do. And slowly, we just lose who we are pre-motherhood.

Erin takes us on a journey of learning to find yourself. Amidst trials in motherhood, the global pandemic, and postpartum anxiety. She managed to make herself better and inspire women like her.


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