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Be the CEO of Your Life

Nov 7, 2022

On today’s episode we're going to be talking about complaining. Why it doesn't work, why we do it, what is the root cause of it and what to do instead of complaining.

I bet you anything, you're not the only one who thinks complaining is a form of communication. I suppose any kind of words are a form of communication, but complaining is not an efficient way of communicating what we actually want to communicate. Nobody wants to hear anybody complain. Nobody has time for that. There are many more efficient ways in which we can process frustration and problem solve and I am here to share those tips with you.

Listen to this week’s episode of Journey to Happy to find out different ways in which you can properly communicate your frustrations without constantly complaining.


Three takeaways:

  • How to turn your complaints into more helpful, less frustrating thoughts
  • What you can do instead of just venting
  • How to communicate your frustrations with proper communication skills.



The energy of the complainer is one that feels frustrated, but is not interested in not feeling frustrated.”


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