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Be the CEO of Your Life

Feb 26, 2024

In this episode, Kelly Wood (leadership coach) has an enlightening conversation with Olga about the emotional intelligence skills of a good leader and a healthy parent.

Good leaders are self-aware, lead by example, make mistakes and are graceful about it, they manage their emotions, respond but not react and encourage their teams by creating a partnership, NOT a dictatorship.

Parenting requires the same skills.

Whether you are a parent or a leader, or both, this episode will for sure help you reflect and might even inspire to get coached ;) 

By the way, Kelly generously has given the listeners a promo code for her upcoming Parent as Coach course. Listen in and get all the deets.


About our guest:

I am at heart a leadership + life design coach. I am so lucky to love what I do for a living and share my love of the question, 'what do you want to create?' with my clients who range from multinational CEOs to single moms who are in transition to creating what they want. I have my Masters in Organizational Coaching, and all of my years of professional and personal development have been in the emotional intelligence space. I'm a teacher and mentor at Canada Coach Academy, preparing people to challenge their International Coach Federation exams. 

I have two courses I'm offering in 2024, Aligned, a thoughtful 4 week course experience where people can explore and deepen their core + aspiring values, and Parent as Coach, an 8 week course that support parents to step into fundamental coach skills to have deeper, richer relationships with their children.

Beyond coaching,  I’ve owned a sea kayaking business in Thailand, conducted scientific research on wolves in the Canadian Rockies, worked as a wrangler in the Rocky Mountains, and have lived and traveled all over this amazing world. I am lucky enough to be a mom to the best kid in the world and we live between the Rocky Mountains and the  wild west coast of Canada. 

My values are love, ease, wisdom, courage + community.


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